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Freedom for Gianfranco Castellotti arrested by the Erdogan police

Our friend and comrade Gianfranco Castellotti, an indefatigable internationalist activist for many years in the defence of Turkish leftists, was arrested last week at the Idil cultural centre in Okmeydanı / Istanbul with seven other Turkish opponents. He was in Turkey to follow the trial of the nine musicians of the legendary group Grup Yorum in prison for almost a year.

Despite his health problems and repression of the repression in Turkey, Gianfranco Castellotti has always been at the side of his Turkish comrades: in the family support meetings of the demonstrators killed during the uprising of Gezi, in the sit-in teachers affected by the purges of the regime, during the trial of lawyers of the Association of Progressive Jurists and the Office of the People's Advocate, during concerts and other political and cultural activities organized by Grup Yorum.
He knew he might take risks travelling in Turkey, but it was out of the question to withdraw. He needed at all costs to transmit his human warmth and his fighting spirit to the militants locked up in the cold cells of type F prisons.

Gianfranco Castellotti was deprived of freedom and medication. His detention could last several days because of the current split regime in Turkey.
We, the signatories of this letter, ask the Italian government to make every effort to secure the immediate release of our friend Gianfranco Castellotti and his repatriation in the best conditions.

To all individuals, groups and associations who wish to put their signature in solidarity.

We are here

Anti-imperialist Front Italy


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