In Turkey, illegal and unfair arrests are carried out. People who fight for justice and freedom are sentenced to long prison terms. We are protesting against this. We want these sentences to be retroactively lifted and all revolutionary prisoners released. There is no justice in Turkey and the law does not work.

The people who are being unjustly treated and the people fighting for their jobs are found guilty. The lawyers of the people who fight for the rights of the people are sentenced to 159 years. The people's architects are arrested for building technology, gardens and wind turbines for the people. The artists of the people, who express the hopes, enthusiasm, yearning and suffering of the people, are arrested and rewards are offered for them, dead or alive.
Our country is Anatolia and not Texas in the USA. These bounties should be lifted. The democratic organisations are being attacked, institutions are being looted, people are being tortured and detained. "A secret witness testified about you", this is said by the state or police and the people are arrested and sentenced to long prison terms. A secret witness with an unknown name, without a face and voice. Only just "secret".

The statement is : "He says it about you," and lawsuits are being started against us with sentences of up to ten years. THE SECRET Witness sees THE ACCUSED, BUT THE ACCUSED DOES NOT SEE THE SECRET WITNESSES. SUCH JUDGMENTS AND WAYS OF OPERATING ARE INVALID.

 The wrongfully arrested are punished by the statements of the secret witnesses. The confessions as well as the Secret Witness procedure serve to promote the dispute between us and to remove the trust between us. The state is trying to preserve, disseminate and promote this. The prisoners are isolated in jails and are scattered to various prisons as well as sent many hundreds of kilometres away.
The prisoners are called on to rely on a video link defence. This defence method is called "SEGBIS". Translated it means an audio and video information system. The state can terminate the connection at any time as desired. SEGBIS is against the principle of a fair trial face to face! A defence without seeing the allegations, hearing them, seeing the evidence and the witnesses is impossible. No trial can be conducted this way. No penalties can be imposed!
KHK (translated: statutory regulation) states that if the convicted person refuses to defend himself by SEGBIS, the defendant has made a statement. The right to a defence is taken away. The prosecutors and judges are themselves subject to pressure, threats, blackmail, secret witnesses and false evidence by the police, if they are considered too lenient to the accused.

The defendants are condemned by conspiracy and imaginary processes. The court is blind, deaf and biased in the face of the facts. With the feeling of revenge, all fighters for law and freedom will be punished. In a country where the future is unclear and people do not feel safe, it will not be justice. WE WANT JUSTICE

OUR DEMAND: 1- The raids should be stopped
2- No illegal trials, trials with confessors, secret witnesses and SEGBIS should be stopped.
3- The list of bounties created under the name of Terrorism rewards should be cancelled.
4- The charges already pressed should be quashed.
Members of the music Group Yorum, the lawyers of the people known as HHB and workers of the magazine "Yürüyüs" should be released.

22 August 2019 Let us meet in front of the European Parliament in Brussels!

People's Front in Europe (AVRUPA HALK CEPHESİ)


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