11 revolutionaries arrested in Athens

All 11 revolutionaries who were taken into custody following the morning of 19 March in Athens, the capital of Greece, were arrested after this morning's hearing.

On March 19 in Athens, 26 revolutionaries were taken into custody in three different places. A further 7 people had been taken into custody from the street while protesting against the raids and then released. 15 of the 26 arrested that morning were released on the same day, 11 were taken to court in Athens on a fast trial, but forced to wait in the police van. On the same day, after the revolutionaries had waited from 1 pm to 7 pm in the armored truck handcuffed in a very small space, thus under torture, they decided to postpone the court hearing until March 24th at 10 am, and taken to the prosecutor's office.

The 11 revolutionaries who were taken to court in Athens this morning were subjected to the same methods of torture. The court ordered the arrest of 11 revolutionaries.

The Greek police, who undertook the brutal detention operations, showed once again that they were in the interests of the world monopolies.

The torture suffered during the raid on Avlonos Street in Sepolia, organised by Greek special troops ELAS and EPS on the morning of March 19th, is a historic fact. The independent house in Avlonos overlooking Sepolia Street was raided by special troops and civilian police and the residents brutally tortured. A neighbor on the other side of the house tells the story of what happened as follows: "We woke up suddenly. We heard explosions and shouting. We were across the street and heard the cries of torture that the police were making. The screams were loud, in response to those of the police. Then they put them in the car with violence."

We will continue with updates on developments.

Dogan Presse Agence