Long live the People's Solidarity, Unity and Struggle for Justice!

Long live the People's Solidarity, Unity and Struggle for Justice!

Today a demonstration was also held with all necessary measures for Corona in Vienna, Austria.
The demonstration united hundreds of people - around 800 according to the organizers. It was mobilised by the "Revolutionary 1st May Alliance", which includes dozens Turkish, Kurdish, Austrian, Latin American, Iranian and Filipino organisations and individuals, in front of the Opera house.

We celebrated this day of resistance, historically gained by the revolutionary workers, who gave their lives in the struggle for labour rights.

Capitalism has always worsened the situation of the poor and the working people.
But it was a good sign and important to take the streets today and not to get locked in our houses.

This day was the more significant, because of the big resistance in Turkey, which is continuing with a death fast against the repressive regime, who wants to kill the freedom of arts by concert bans and who wants to destroy the jurisdiction by injustice, denying fair trials.

In this struggle the musician of Grup Yorum Helin Bölek had to sacrifice her life to demand the right for free performance of their songs.
In this struggle fighter for justice Mustafa Kocak had to sacrifice his life to demand a fair trial, because he was sentenced to life imprisonment with statements of a police traitor, without evidence.

In this struggle musician of Grup Yorum Ibrahim Gökcek is still risking his life and he is at the brink of death to demand end of repression against his band and for the freedom of songs and their arrested members!

In this struggle the imprisoned lawyers of the people Ebru Timtik and Aytac Ünsal are on death fast as well to support the demands for justice of their clients and independent jurisdiction.

In this struggle the political prisoners Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya are on death fast because they want to support this demand of justice and freedom as well as to fight the inhuman prison conditions.

And their resistance was also in the squares and streets of Vienna today, on May 1, the Day of Unity, Struggle and Solidarity!

The Austrian Solidarity Committee for Grup Yorum held a speech about the death fast resistance and also called for 1 day solidarity hunger strike tomorrow May 2, which is being held every Saturday all over Europe by hundreds and last week even by 1200 people to defend the just demands of the resisters.

The banner of Grup Yorum was at the front of the demonstration, there were banners, posters with the pictures of all resisters and also of the martyred artist Helin Bölek and of Mustafa Kocak.

Their slogans were shouted in the center of Vienna, their voices were heard by many people.

Ibrahim Gökcek Is our Honour!
Helin Bölek is Immortal!
Musafa Kocak is Immortal!
Long live the death fast resistance!

When we talk about the crisis of capitalism, about poverty, about injustice, oppression and exploitation, examples like this resistance give hope and also calls the people to struggle for their rights and freedoms, to defend human dignity!

It is a call to our conscience to move and act.

Today, on May 1, all the participating organisations and people stood together to sing Grup Yorum's 1 May march in solidarity with the resistance in Turkey!

It was a very meaningful and moving 1st May in Vienna,
thanks to the great solidarity of the peoples and our responsibly self-organisation during the whole demonstration!


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