To our dear people, intellectuals and artists, to the deputies and all

Ibrahim Gökcek is on death fast for 320 days today (May 2, 2020). There’s no time. We urgently need to act to keep him alive. Let’s record videos. Let’s mention his demands. Let’s say, that Ibrahim Gökcek’s demands shall be fulfilled. Ibrahim must not die, just because those two demands are not accepted.

- The concert bans shall be lifted
- The arrested Grup Yorum members shall be released

Let’s share the videos with calls to the Ministries of Justice and Interior on Saturday, May 2, 2020 from 1.00 pm on twitter, with the adresses of Ministry of Interkior and Justice.
Let’s share so broad to show them how much we want to keep alive Ibrahim.

@TC_icisleri @adalet_bakanlik

Solidarity Save Lives!


Grup Yorum member Ibrahim Gökcek is on death fast for 320 days for free arts. Another Grup Yorum member, a young musician, Helin Bölek has died at the age of 28 on her 288th day of death fast for the same demand. We have lost also 28 year old Mustafa Kocak on the 297th day of death fast for justice.

We don‘t want further deaths. As human beings we can‘t also give up our rights. Grup Yorum member Ibrahim Gökcek has written in a letter „I march towards death for our demands while clinging to life.“ He says, that nhe wants to live, but not without having his demands fulfilled. Ibrahim Gökcek has no time left. Maybe, even while we try to make heard his voice, he can lose his life.
We appeal all together to the Minstry of Justice and Interior:
There are only two easy demands of Grup Yorum these demands are not unrealizable in a country with mininum democratic rights.
1-They want to make thier concerts. By publishing a date for a concert you can stop the death of Ibrahim.

2-They want also that the imprisoned Grup Yorum members are released and they can make their concert together.

The life of an artist is in your hands!

The demands shall be fulfilled,
Ibrahim Gökcek shall live