Özgül Emre Kidnapped to the Hospital!

It has been reported that revolutionary journalist Özgül Emre, who was detained in Germany on May 16 and arrested on May 17 and has been on hunger strike for 43 days against the imposition of prison uniform, was taken to an hospital on 27 June, against her will, after her health condition worsened.

She has been on a hunger strike for 43 days against the arbitrary anti-democratic, anti-human rights and fundamental rights and freedoms imposed by the German state on Özgül Emre. The Rohrbach Prison, where she is imprisoned, is committing a crime by taking Özgül to the German Federal Supreme Court! When we look at the history of Germany, its forcible intervention against revolutionary prisoners caused massacres and crippling of the prisoners in question. The German state, which should accept Özgül’s rightful and legitimate demands, is trying to forcefully intervene to maim and intimidate other revolutionary-democratic prisoners.

The committee of solidarity with Özgül Emre, on the other hand, emphasized that the German Federal Court and hospital authorities will be responsible for any intervention against Emre. The committee called “all our people in front of the hospital at Justizvollzugkrankenhaus Wittlich Trierer Landstraße 64, 54516 Wittlich. Now, our people have started to come to the hospital. We are trying to reach the hospital authorities and get information about Özgül. They hang up the phone in our face. We will not have our Özgül killed. We will continue to wait in front of the hospital. We invite all our people here. We have experienced and seen the results of the forced intervention that is being tried on Özgül today. We do not want any of our prisoners to be maimed. May their just demands be accepted.”


Following Özgül Emre's forcible intervention, the statement made by the People's Law Office International Bureau said; “OUR CLIENT ÖZGÜL EMRE FOR FORCED INTERVENTION
abducted to the hospital!

We have been informed that our client Özgül Emre, who has been on hunger strike since 17 May against her unlawful detention in Germany and the imposition of Uniform Dress (TTE), was forcibly abducted to the hospital today, against her will, due to the worsening of her health condition.
As we stated in our previous statements, our client's health has deteriorated to such an extent that he cannot take enough liquid, sugar and salt during the long-term hunger and hunger strike.
Sugar and salt, which were required and compulsory to be used during the hunger strike, were not arbitrarily given to our client by the prison administration for a long time. Our client started to be given sugar and salt after a long time, but our client had a serious problem with fluid intake in the last few days, and as a result, he could not take sugar and salt. Due to all these reasons, our client's body resistance decreased rapidly, and as of today, our client Özgül Emre's health condition was deteriorated and he was hospitalized against her will.

This means that the Rohrbach Prison Administration and the German state are preparing for force-feeding, that is, a forced intervention, against our client's will, ignoring her will for hunger strike instead of accepting our client's rightful and legitimate demands. Forced medical intervention is illegal, unlawful. It's called bullying, it's called attempted murder.
Once again we repeat; The demands of our client Özgül Emre are justified and legitimate. The imposition of TTE that is illegitimate and illegal, this imposition should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the Rohrbach Prison Administration and the German Federal Supreme Court will be responsible for all kinds of problems that may happen to our client and for any risk to her life.
May Özgül Emre's Rightful and Legitimate Demands be Accepted!
End the Imposition of Uniform Dress!”


Dogan Presse Agence


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